Size: 40.3 GB
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Name Size
pack40.75/A Beginner's Guide To Machine Learning with 2 GB
pack40.75/ASP.NET MVC: Building for Productivity and 405.6 MB
pack40.75/AWS SageMaker, Machine Learning and AI with 1.5 GB
pack40.75/Azure PowerShell on the 815.7 MB
pack40.75/Beginning jQuery [eLearning].zip 1.5 GB
pack40.75/Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts: Developing with Ethereum and 1.2 GB
pack40.75/Building Android Apps with 956.9 MB
pack40.75/Cisco CCNA 200-125 – The Complete Guide to Getting 6 GB
pack40.75/Code Clinic: 547.4 MB
pack40.75/Cryptography 178 MB
pack40.75/Data Science Essentials Advanced Algorithms and 389.5 MB
pack40.75/Docker from A to Z: Swarm + 936.6 MB
pack40.75/Docker: Storage and 159.6 MB
pack40.75/Essential Machine Learning and AI with Python and Jupyter 3.5 GB
pack40.75/Learn Web Security From 61.3 MB
pack40.75/Machine Learning for Marketing: Essential 213.5 MB
pack40.75/Mastering 865.3 MB
pack40.75/Network Virtualization: SDN Overlay 319.5 MB
pack40.75/Oracle PL-SQL Fundamentals vol. I & 7.6 GB
pack40.75/Programming for Non-Technical 745.2 MB
pack40.75/Python and Flask Bootcamp: Create Websites using Flask!.zip 5 GB
pack40.75/Python for the C# 319.3 MB
pack40.75/Python: XML, JSON, and the 268.8 MB
pack40.75/React Front To 4.5 GB
pack40.75/Udemy - Unity MySQL Database 496.6 MB
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